introduces a holistic approach to different imbalanced hormonal status (menopause, andropause, PMT, polycystic ovaries, infertility, etc), working the physic and energetic bodies, with a series of exercises to reach a hormonal balance. It's a natural treatment along the line of energetic yoga, for hormone problems. It has special asanas to reactivate and balance hormone production and, as a consequence, it eliminates most symptoms of menopause, it prevents of osteoporose and cardio-vascular diseases. HYT was created by Brazilian Yoga Teacher prof. Dinah Rodrigues. Since 1992 she has been studying menopause in it's several aspects (physiologic, psychological and aesthetic).
By the studies of Dinah Rodrigues there is about 254% average increase in hormone level in 4 months, with 30 minutes of exercises each other day. The hormones become balanced and symptoms like irritability, neurasthenia, emotional instability, crying spells, insomnia, anxiety, stress and other emotional symptoms as discouragement, tiredness and depression, disappear in 2 to 3 months of practice. 100% of cases of PMT, migraine, stress and panic syndrome were eliminated completely or had their intensity near zero. Decreased hormone level is certainly an important cause for these symptoms. HYT, besides reactivating hormone production, brings balance to the emotional, helping to eliminate these symptoms. Young women also may have hormonal problems as premature menopause which may appear even before 30, causing infertility and psychological problems. It may have different causes as emotional shock, excess of exercises, very low weight, etc. With HYT hormonal level increased to normal and fertility was re-established. Women under 40 also may suffer with hormone problems with strong symptoms of PMT and polycystic ovary, more common in younger women. With 3 to 4 months practice of yoga therapy, ovary texture became normal, the cysts disappeared completely and menstruation became re-established.
In HYT we work mainly with individual pranic energy. Activating it and sending it to several parts of the body. With energetic exercises of dynamic yoga, specific pranayamas and Tibetan energy techniques, HYT acts directly on the hypophysis, thyroid, ovaries and adrenal glands, but has influence on all the glands and organs of endocrine system.Doing pranayamas in different asanas we make a direct massage on the glands and organs related to the hormone production. This glandular stimulation is reinforced by the Tibetan techniques and bandhas. HYT is very energetic and dynamic way of yoga practise. 

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